U.S District Judge Denies Apple’s Request To Ban Old Samsung Smartphones

U.S District Judge Denies Apple's Request To Ban Old Samsung Smartphones

It’s a new chapter in the three-year long Apple vs. Samsung legal saga. Thursday saw U.S District Judge Lucy Koh snuff Apple’s request to ban Samsung’s older smartphones in the U.S.

Recent victories have been few for Samsung overall. Apple has been racking up legal victories and the company is facing some bad press coming in the way of the South Korean film Another Promise—based on Hwang Yu-mi and other workers’ unfortunate deaths while working for the South Korean tech company. Even though this is a major victory for Samsung as it keeps them in the market, don’t be surprised if Samsung doesn’t spike the ball and celebrate.

Judge Koh stated that Apple didn’t deliver on the evidence front to show that older Samsung handsets—which aren’t sold by Samsung anymore—had taken enough from Apple patents to warrant banning them from the market.

Following the ruling, Samsung issued a statement saying “We agree with its observation that a few software features alone don’t drive consumer demand for Samsung products—rather consumers value a multitude of features.” Apple issued no comment on the outcome.

Apple and Samsung are set to meet up later in the month in a trial concerning patent infringement in recent Samsung smartphones.

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