Uber and AT&T To Trial Stream College Football During Rides

Uber and AT&T To Trial Stream College Football During Rides

Tech team ups are always interesting and sometimes unexpected. The UberAT&T team up falls in both categories. The partnership will see the two do a test run of live streaming college football games in Uber’s fleet of Chevy Tahoes. The two month trial will run in several cities mostly in college football country: Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, and Nashville.

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The trial will use headrest-mounted tablets with AT&T’s own U-verse app and LTE. To add to the experience, some professional football stars and greats will be joining riders at random during the duration of the trial. It has been noted that during the trial there will be no extra cost for the feature.

Music streaming would be a better service to offer on a car ride—which Uber did with their Spotify partnership—given that live TV isn’t something to simply drop in and out of and the rides probably aren’t going to run 30 minutes or an hour most of the time.

The partnership helps both companies with Uber being able to offer something new for riders—that is for the couple of minutes they’re riding from A to B in most cases. It also allows for them to tryout running other programming and pricing it if they wish. From AT&T’s side they can give riders a taste of their U-verse service and their LTE network.

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