Uber Has A Patent That Will Detect Drunk Potential Customers

Uber Has A Patent That Will Detect Drunk Potential Customers

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Uber has filed a patent for an app feature that allows for potential riders to be flagged as possibly drunk. The patent was filed back in December 2016 and could assist drivers in dealing with or avoiding inebriated fares.

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Through the use of AI, this feature would detect an Uber rider as drunk by their behavior on the app. How is the user typing? How are they walking? These are just a few signs the app would factor in but would be paired against how the rider normally uses the app. According to CNN, the feature could go as far as keeping a drunk customer out of Uber Pool, a side service that allows for a few customers to catch a ride in the same general location and split the fare.

The concern raised by some is that this feature could serve as a way for some predators who drive Uber to pick out potential victims. Following a CNN investigation this spring it was revealed that there were over 100 accusations of drivers exploiting drunk women.

So while this could definitely be a great feature for drivers to decide how they deal with drunk customers, there would need to be some extreme vetting to ensure that the feature isn’t being used by the wrong people. As it is, there is a hole in how Uber decides who gets to drive for them.

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