Uber Establishes AI Lab

Uber Establishes AI Lab

Uber AI Labs is a new research wing of Uber geared towards—you guessed it—developing and improving the company’s stake in AI to assist in its growth towards food delivery and route navigation for its self-driving vehicles.

The initiative will be made up of talent from the machine learning-focused Geometric Intelligence, a startup Uber recently scooped up. The company was formed in late 2014 and in that very short time apparently impressed Uber.

Several founding members of Geometric Intelligence will take several positions in the new wing—most notably NYU cognitive scientist Gary Marcus as director and Cambridge professor in machine learning Zoubin Ghahramani as co-director. The team will be based out of San Francisco, but its work will affect Uber’s projects and expansion worldwide as it will be working on what is basically the intelligence element of AI and making it responsive per the company’s needs.

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