United States Defense Secretary : We Are Planning For a Possible Military Strike on Iran

Leon Panetta , U.S. Secretary of Defense , said the Pentagon is preparing a number of military options to attack Iran in case of the failure of diplomatic and economic sanctions to persuade Tehran to abandon its nuclear programs .

Panetta said in an interview with the newspaper “National Journal” of America on Friday that this is being planned for a long time, reflecting the growing concern of the U.S. President Barack Obama about Iran continuing the progress toward producing a nuclear weapon .

He said he did not believe that the leaders of Israel have taken a decision on strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, “I am confident that they are looking all the possibilities on how to deal with Iran.” He explained .

Leon Panetta believes Israel facilities are limited and would be less effective than a blow-oriented United States, which has an air more and many of the advanced weapons .

He believes Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons doesn’t poses a big threat to Israel, but its a direct threat to Washington .


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