United States Warns About Military Action Against Iran

The White House warned that any military operation against Iran would create “Greater instability” that could threaten the security of Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq . The warning comes in the White House before a meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on the fifth of March .

“Any military operation in the area threatening further instability.” White House spokesman Jay Carney said .”Iran has border with Afghanistan, Iraq, And we have many staff and soldiers in these countries” He continued . He also said U.S. has not found any evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons , yet . “We continue to increase pressure on Tehran, it is important to note that although Iran has not lived up to its international obligations, we are able to access the programs.” Carney added .

Israeli officials have talked about the possibility of attacking to Iran over its controversial nuclear during the recent weeks .

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