You Can Now Pick Up An Unlocked iPhone 6

You Can Now Pick Up An Unlocked iPhone 6

If you sat out the iPhone 6 launch in favor of an unlocked one then you are in luck. The waitis over as Apple is releasing the phone with no contract or SIM card for U.S-based customers.

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Apple news site 9to5 Mac picked up on the unlocked iPhone 6 which is hitting store and online shelves at $649 for the original and $749 for the iPhone 6 Plus. The new purchasing option is sure to draw in a number of users who really prefer to be free of carriers or specific carriers on restrictive contracts.

To activate conventional phone services users will require a SIM card from a carrier. Instead of being locked into a two year deal with say AT&T or T-Mobile, users will have a good deal of flexibility in choosing their carrier and keeping their phone without going through the process of trading in their phone or buying another phone linked to a carrier.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit shelves back in September with 10 million moved on launch. The phone resulted in Apple picking up 40 percent of the smartphone market in several major markets combined.

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