US Census Bureau Announced The Official Number of Iranians in United States

The number of Iranians who currently reside in the United States announced for the first time by US Census Bureau.

According to the released statistics, the number of people who acquaint themselves as Iranian in 2010 census was 289,465 person. 179,210 of this population live in the Western parts of the United States.

The total population of United States aimed 308,745,538 people in 2010 which shows 8% increase in compare to the 2000 general census.

However some social experts believe the number of Iranians live in United States is more than this announced number. Its been expected more than 1 million Iranians currently reside in United States. Most Iranians live in California, New York, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC cities.

Its noteworthy that Iranian-Americans are amongst the most highly educated groups in the United States. Iranian-Americans have historically excelled in business, academia, the sciences, arts and entertainment.

Iranian immigration to the United States has been continuous since the 1980s. Between 1980 and 1990, the number of foreign born from Iran in the United States increased by 74 percent.

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