USA Network Announces 2013-2014 Schedule, Sitcoms To Debut In 2014

USA Network Announces 2013-2014 Schedule, Sitcoms To Debut In 2014

The USA Network—held by NBC Universal—known more for its drama series, the Westminster Dog Show, Wimbledon, and WWE RAW will be taking on comedy programming early next year. At their recent presentation, the network announced that the shows will hit it begins airing reruns of ABC hit show Modern Family.

Sirens is a sitcom about Chicago-area emergency medical techs and is written and produced by Denis Leary, star of the FX hit series Rescue Me. Leary won’t be a star actor in the series and will also be producing another FX show—and yes, he’s sticking with the first responders route—with Bronx Warrants.

The other series is Playing House and stars Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham. Details are just as vague as they are about Sirens, but the show is about two friends who become closer because of a baby basically. It has also been reported that there will be a third sitcom Love is Dead about a company that handles break ups for others at a price.

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There was an announcement about a drama set in post-World War II America involving Nazi spies. Gale Ann Hurd (Walking Dead) will be the executive producer for the series. It’s also worth noting that USA has seven scripts for potential drama series.

Talk Stoop is a franchise of shows that airs on local NBC stations. Cat Greenleaf—the segment/show’s host—will be bringing it to USA’s daytime roster of programming. In what actual capacity Greenleaf and Talk Stoop will appear in is unknown at the moment. Talk Stoop is basically talking with celebrities on a stoop, some pop culture notes, and so on. So it could be woven into the programs—kind of like how TNT did its programming and movies in the mid-1990s when the programs returned from a commercial break.

The biggest news to take away from this isn’t that sitcoms will be make their debut, but that popular series Burn Notice will close out in its seventh season.

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