Verizon Cloud Services to Arrive Soon

Verizon Cloud Services to Arrive Soon

Verizon Wireless is set to enter the cloud storage business and will be offering the service to subscribed users of smartphones and tablets. Customers will get 500MB of storage for free, but anything over will cost per month.


Verizon PR manager David Samberg stated, “…as customers use multiple devices, sometimes running different operating systems, Verizon Cloud will allow for the transferring of some content between Android and iOS devices, making it accessible across smartphones, tablets, and computers.”


Samberg said that Verizon Cloud will be out soon starting with Android and then iOS a bit after that. He also added that support for other operating systems would come about later in the year. You can see the pricing for the storage sizes below:


500MB is free

25GB will be $2.99/month

75GB will be $5.99/month

125GB will be $9.99/month

This is a good move by Verizon as cloud storage is becoming one of the “it” things for any service provider to have whether it’s a mobile carrier or a file sharing/storage site. However, Verizon could’ve priced their services more competitive as there are services that offer more for free. Google Drive offers 5GB for free while Box, Pogo, and Skydrive all offer 50GB, 20GB, and 25GB free for life. Not only that, but there are data plans to consider when it comes to using online features with a mobile provider. Most who are familiar with cloud storage at actual, usable sizes for work and the nature of data plans would catch on that these two wouldn’t mix even if an amount of storage is being offered free of charge.

In any case, Verizon joins the cloud storage crew, so at least it’s a step in the right direction. What do you think of Verizon Cloud? Worth giving a go with 500MB free or pass altogether?

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