Verizon Returns Fire On Netflix Claim of Crowded Network

Verizon Returns Fire On Netflix Claim of Crowded Network

Netflix has been riding ISPs for internet speeds that choke their popular streaming service’s effectiveness. The main target this time around: Verizon.

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Earlier this week Netflix began running a warning of sorts about buffering issues being on the ISP’s side for Verizon customers. The notice simply mentioned that the network was crowded and that Netflix was taking steps to get the video playing smoothly.

Netflix calls Verizon out

The offending notice

Verizon took great offense to this and feels that Netflix intentionally attempted to “harm the Verizon brand.” As result, Verizon has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Netflix stating that very concern.

In the letter to Netflix, Verizon General Counsel Randal Milch stated the company Netflix “aware for some time that a few internet middlemen have congestion issues with some IP networks.” He also asserts that even with this knowledge the company continues to send traffic through those channels.

There is currently a standing agreement between the two companies where Netflix pays Verizon so that it can run content through its network. The result is supposed to be better quality streaming for customers of both services.

From Verizon’s side this comes off as poor treatment to call out a partner when Netflix supposedly knows some routes don’t allow for the best flow. On Netflix’s end, they are paying to cut through Verizon’s yard to move its goods and the ground is muddy and swampy.

We’ll have to see how this plays out and who Netflix will tangle with next.

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