Verizon to terminate CDMA phones in 2014

Verizon to terminate CDMA phones in 2014

Verizon will stop supporting CDMA phones in 2014 as the new wave of 4G LTE devices get closer. We are not that surprised, Verizon has been hinting about the termination of older headsets for some time now, but now we have a more accurate date as to when Big Red will be phasing out non LTE devices.

But what does exactly does that mean? It simply means that Verizon Wireless will no longer sell CDMA, but they will continue using its CDMA structure during 2014.

One of the pros of the transformation will be the voice-over-LTE capabilities of newer 4G headsets. Voice-over-LTE is a fancy way of saying that subscribers will be able to talk and surf the internet at the same time.

As to what Verizon plans to do with areas with limited or no LTE coverage is still unknown, we believe Verizon may be planning to extend their network to cover all the United States. Although Verizon has a pretty good LTE network coverage there are still some areas with poor LTE coverage, if they have any at all.

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