New Additions to Verizon’s Smartphone Insurance Plan

New Additions to Verizon's Smartphone Insurance Plan

Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan is giving customers and potential newcomers additional benefits, but there are a few catches.

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Some of the offered benefits are market-specific. Where you are in Verizon’s coverage territory can also be a deciding factor in how quickly those benefits can be used. For instance, if you wanted to repair your screen—the regular culprit of making a phone unusable—you could get same day service depending on where you live.

While on screen breaks Verizon says it has over 220 locations in major cities throughout the continental U.S. Total Mobile Protection mainly covers popular and recent phones such those in the iPhone 5 and 6 generations, Galaxy Note 4 and 5, Motorola DROID Turbo and Maxx, and Samsung Galaxy S5-S7. That isn’t to say you might as sell your smartphone or do repairs yourself, but these phone get the front-of-the-line treatment for same day service, so you could end up waiting to get it repaired.

Aside from screen cracks—which was the main update—insurance holders will also get three claims a year instead of two and can get coverage for 3-10 lines on an account for $33 monthly. For one smartphone the plans stands at $11 and $9 for basic phones and tablets.

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