Violence During Egypt Protests

Violence During Egypt Protests

The Egyptian army opened fire on Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters as they marched in Cairo and were heading towards Republican Guard HQ where ousted President is being held. Reportedly 69 were wounded and three were killed. The army has denied firing live rounds at the protesters.

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While the army denied firing on the Morsi supporters, Jeremy Bowen of BBC said that he saw them fire earlier today. Some 2,000 supporters marched on the Republican Guard. It seems that as the crowd got larger and rowdier, trying to push against the troops they fired warning shots then shot at the crowd. Bowen said he noticed one man was down possibly bleed and that he himself was slightly wounded by shotgun pellets.

Mohammed Badie, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that protests would continue until Morsi was put back in power. “We shall stay in the squares until we bring President Morsi back to power,” He also denied that he was arrested Thursday as some outlets reported.

To the south in Qina, forces fired on protesters attempting to breech a security building there. There were about two people injured in the incident. The shootings are the latest in violence during the protests which have included gang rapes and sexual assaults.

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