Visa Will Give NFC Rings To Athletes For Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Visa Will Give NFC Rings To Athletes For Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Photo credit: CNN

Wearables are become more and more impressive. Depending on the intent of the wearable—whether its general use or purely for health purposes—it can take roughly any practical shape. Visa’s contribution to wearables is an NFC ring that allows wearers to make payments.

While we’ve gotten to the point where we can use our smartphones to make transactions instead of pulling out cards, Visa wants to leave the smartphone in the pocket or holster by allowing the wearer to simply tap the transaction terminal.

Right now the Visa NFC ring is limited to 45 athletes competing in the upcoming summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero. It’s unknown if Visa will make the rings available commercially or if the Olympics will serve as major promotion and road testing for the rings.

Since the ring are waterproof up until over 160ft and don’t require a battery, there should be a good amount of “road testing” in competition which will surely add to the appeal of the rings as something both safe and durable.

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