Waffle House Looks To Break Into The Delivery Business With Roadie Startup

Waffle House Looks To Break Into The Delivery Business With Roadie Startup

The sharing economy gets a new, unexpected newcomer in the Waffle House. The almost 60 year old chain announced their partnership with the package delivery startup Roadie.

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The company’s app launched last month and allows for drivers to pick up and deliver packages while earning money in the process. It seems like a venture Uber would pursue, really. The glaring question is where does Waffle House fit? The diner chain will serve as a hub for drop offs where drivers will be able to delivery the packages from there.

The partnership helps both companies as there are Waffle House diners throughout the U.S which works for Roadie as the company wouldn’t have to build its own hubs given that Waffle House has 1,750 diners. That would expand Roadie’s operational range beyond the southeast. Meanwhile Roadie allows for Waffle House to have a presence in another industry in which its core industry doesn’t overlap.

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At the business end for drivers and senders, drivers will be able to pick up 80-percent of the delivery fee which can get pricey depending on the package. As is the case with Uber and other non-government founded services, regulation will be a major issue for the Waffle House-Roadie team up and a few steps have been taken to ensure no interstate commerce laws or anything are broken.

The short list includes photographic proof of the item before and after delivery on behalf of the driver and sender to ensure the condition of the package, senders can track their package, and nothing illegal can be delivered. 

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