What’s all the mystery about with new PS4 controller?

What’s all the mystery about with new PS4 controller?

With all the pre-release hype about Sony’s PS4 it’s no wonder all the gaming world is super curious about the new controller. Recently online “leaked” images of the controller have apparently put the rumors and mystery to rest.  The biggest question has been what is new and improved and is it a great as the hype makes it out to be?

Rumors and theories have run rampant in the online gaming communities speculating on the new console’s possible features. The recently leaked images showed what at first appeared to be two different prototypes, but on further inspection seem more likely two versions of the same prototype. There is of course the likelihood that a completely different version will be released later this month at the official launch event.

So what’s so new and improved with the PS4’s controller? From what can be seen on the leaked images it appears there is what seems to be a rectangular shaped touch screen above the analog joysticks. This brings to question as to whether Sony added the touch screen as a way to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U or something else entirely.  The images also show the device to be closely similar to Sony’s Dual Shock controller with the main difference being the start and select buttons have been replaced by the touch screen. There also appears to be remodeled L2 and R2 buttons on the widely anticipated controller.

It can easily be said that Japan based Sony has kept their cards close on the development of both the new PlayStation 4 system and controller. The eyes of the entire gaming industry and world of gamers will be closely watching the launch event in New York City next week.

Not since the release of Sony’s PS3 six years ago has there been such an anticipated event other than the one in 2011 for the Vita console prototype. Industry insiders say that Sony execs and developers are hoping the new PS 4 will put them back into serious competition in a market that has been so dominated by the release of Wii and Kinect. Rumors have also surfaced that the new PS4 system will be heavily “Cloud” focused. If this is true then that would put into perspective Sony’s recent purchase of a cloud-based gaming company.

Bottom line on the mystery? We will all simply have to wait for the official launch event to see if all the rumors and hype have a truth to them at all.

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