Windows 10 Is Now On 110 Million Devices

Windows 10 Is Now On 110 Million Devices

Earlier today Microsoft held a media event introducing new hardware as well as features and updates to Windows 10. On the progress of Windows 10, Microsoft stated that since the late July launch the OS has been installed on 110 million devices.

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 The goal is 1 billion within the next two or three years. This explains teaming up with Baidu and attempt to push Window 10 in China which would give them a huge bump in installation numbers and a future for the next Windows OS years down the line.

While it could take some time for Windows 10 to hit one billion in installation performance, it did deliver both in Cortana queries and Windows app store visits.

It was also said that Edge saw strong numbers for users adapting to it. This is a bright point given that Internet Explorer pretty much gave way to Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers. Part of the reason for Edge’s strong numbers is a browser that is more in line with the mentioned competitors and interacts more with Microsoft’s ecosystem of services and the like.

Hitting 110 million devices in a little under three months is no small feat. It will be difficult to keep that momentum going and swing with big numbers without constantly adding something to more to the OS and offering it on a variety of devices—especially affordable devices.

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