Mobile and Tablet Focused Windows 10 Press Event Planned For January 21

Mobile and Tablet Focused Windows 10 Press Event Planned For January 21

There plans by Microsoft to showcase the next Windows Phone this month. It’s expected that the company will detail its plans for Windows 10 on mobile platforms at the scheduled January 21st event. The event looks to also promote features for consumers with Microsoft using the Build conference for developers.

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The current goal with Windows 10 is to make the OS uniform between desktop and mobile/tablet versions. Windows 10 Mobile—as the mobile version is called within Microsoft—looks to merge the OS used for Windows Phone with Windows RT. What this would allow for is the seamless usage of apps across platforms.

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Windows 10 was announced in September with plans for the OS to be released sometime later this year. The initial press event pointed to a couple of features with most being the focused on UI changes from Windows 8. Among those announced were command font allowing for pasting, the merging of the Metro Start screen and the Start menu, and multiple desktops for multitasking.


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