Windows 10’s Next Big Update Could Be Slated For March

Windows 10's Next Big Update Could Be Slated For March

Windows 10 is scheduled for two major updates next year with the first one coming in March.

This bit of sleuthing was done by WalkingCat, a Twitter user who found out that the first update—referred to internally as “Redstone 2”—is also called “Windows 10 Version 1703.”

The version number refers to the release month and year and is the same method used for previous updates such as “1607” for the Anniversary Update. As a matter of fact, while there’s been no indication of when that second update could launch, the summer—or anniversary time—looks like a good guess.

Knowing the version number doesn’t tell much about what features will be in the update and the company has only mentioned minor features, but the timing of the discovery is a good find for Microsoft enthusiasts who are looking forward to the company’s upcoming event.

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 event will take place October 26th.

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