Windows 8: What’s In Store?

Windows 8: What’s In Store?

Industry observers have painted a critically unfavorable picture for the Windows 8 OS this week. It all started with Dell casting out a predominantly negative outlook in its SEC filing last week. Noting that the market for PCs has been “cannibalized” by tablets and smartphones, among other factors, the PC maker also made a statement regarding the uncertainties that goes with the adoption of the Windows 8 OS. The company further noted that there are adverse developments in tandem with a generally weakening demand for PCs worldwide as well as unfavorable margin rates for PCs.

In its analysis of the current market situation, CNET noted that it is not so much that Windows 8 is unappealing as much as it is that the OS finds itself under pressure from other market factors at work. As Dell have noted, for instance, there is a general slowdown of PC growth in the global market arena, which brings us to a painful reality that the demand for the OS, consequently, will also go with such a slowdown.

There are also speculations as to what could be the reason behind Microsoft’s recent moves to offer consumers a drastic price slash for some items at the Microsoft Store. The company’s move to cut its prices can either be a way to move items that are essentially stuck, or it could be a sign revealing a matter of more serious nature. It should be noted in this regard that as per IDC’s observation, sales for Windows 8 PC has come to a stall. And this makes it easy to understand why Microsoft and its PC partners were forced to cut down prices on laptops and hybrids.

On the other hand, an analysis by SemiAccurate boldly proclaimed that Microsoft’s efforts to offer price cuts on its items will not be of any help to avert a death spiral. The company, it says, does not understand tablets in the first place, with the consequent result that it cannot thus create a mobile product that can stay competitive. It further notes that Microsoft has anti user-views when it comes to computing, and calls Windows 8 as another debacle. Furthermore, it points out that Microsoft Surface is unreasonably priced as compared to competitors in the market, and that both Windows RT and Surface RT have a nil chance of surviving in the market that it claims the company does not have a clear understanding of.

Despite all this negative publicity, Microsoft is apparently not bugged down. It is said to be on its way to coming up with Windows 8.1, which the market has yet to see whether it will fare better or worse than its seemingly ill-fated Windows 8 predecessor.

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  1. Jim says:

    “touch” on a productivity oriented desktop or laptop is absurd. It will never be as efficient as a mouse and keyboard for data entry. The engineers at microsoft did a good job of what they were told to do by management. But management made a horrible decision at the top.

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