Xbox 360’s “Games With Gold” Permanent

Xbox 360's "Games With Gold" Permanent

If you’ve enjoyed Xbox 360’s monthly free game program “Games with Gold,” then you’ll be happy to know that the program will now be permanent.

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For those unfamiliar with Games with Gold, it’s similar to the PlayStation Plus program. The main difference is the quality of titles and that the program has been in action longer and with a good deal of success.

Games with Gold hit Xbox 360 users earlier this year in July. Like PlayStation Plus, you essentially get older games for free if you sign up with a paid membership (so no, when Microsoft offers free Gold, you won’t be able to snag some free games).

The focus should be to offer some of everything when it comes to the free titles, but that’s not always the case. After all, you are paying to play multiplayer online (something that used to standard and is standard on PlayStation 3). One game from each genre would be a nice touch.

Simply put, you might have Gold on a given month and come up with coal when there are free titles—as was the case with yours truly. Of course, what is offered is free so what are you going to do?

The other difference is that it has been confirmed by Sony that their free games with a premium membership will carry on to the PlayStation 4 console—which comes out next month—if players are PS Plus member on either the PS3 or the PS Vita. Microsoft hasn’t committed to bringing Games with Gold to Xbox One at the moment.

In speaking with Engadget, a spokesman with Microsoft said that the company is “excited to announce we are extending Games with Gold for Xbox 360. We will share more details on the program soon. Stay tuned for our plans on Xbox One.”

From Microsoft’s words it seems as though they could be planning to bring Games with Gold to Xbox One. Given the rocky start it had from gamers when details were released, an igloo-cold reception at E3 this year, no backwards compatibility, needing to keep your 360 if you care about your XBLA library, and having to backtrack on their initial approach to game sharing, Games with Gold isn’t a bad idea at all.

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