Xbox One Allows For Game Gifting From Microsoft Store

Xbox One Allows For Game Gifting From Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently announced another plus to purchasing PC and Xbox One titles.

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Included on the PC side is other content such as skins, additional stories/missions–basically DLC–can now be gifted. Before only the main title could be gifted. This has been extended to Xbox One as you are able to purchase titles via Windows 10’s Microsoft Store. To do so, you’ll simply go to the Microsoft Store via the Xbox One or elsewhere, find the game you want to gift and use “Buy as Gift.”

Next, you’ll want to enter the recipient’s email or their Gamertag. The recipient will get a code via email or a system message on Xbox One. Sounds simple enough? There are some conditions such as discounted items restrictions and the exemption of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles. One reason for this could be that most of those titles–particularly the Xbox 360 games–are available on PC already. Then again, so are the bulk of Xbox One games.

Perhaps Microsoft will loosen this in the future to allow for those on your friends list to send you throwback titles like Kingdoms of Amalur.

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