Yahoo hoping to regain popularity with the less is more theory

Yahoo hoping to regain popularity with the less is more theory

It’s no secret that internet pioneer Yahoo has been slipping in the mobile app game. However s there seems to be a focused plan in the works to launch a radically revamp their mobile app program by downsizing. The company seems to be putting to play the old adage of “less is more” in hopes of not only regaining popularity but giving rivals such as Google a run for the money.

Focusing on Yahoo’s core offerings that already cover such daily usage habits as email, news, finance, and sports and searching, the company is looking for a way to improve those experiences in a mobile device setting for its millions of active users as well as lure in new users and advertisers. At a recent presentation to investors, Yahoo’s new chief executive laid the plan out to investors and developers alike to stop the company’s downward spiral and regain some of the revenues that have been loss due to lessening display advertising.

As a way to speed Yahoo’s progress in regaining its former glory in the internet business and come off as a serious competitor in the mobile app business, it recently purchased a handful of companies including mobile app developer Alike.  Yahoo will decrease its number of apps down from the 60 or so it has now to about 12 solidly stable ones with plans to ditch the lesser used apps and ones that don’t fit with the company’s key focus areas.

Company execs feel that  offering too many mobile applications has proven to be overwhelming for Yahoo users and that the company will be able to please more people with fewer apps. Part of the overhaul will also include combing some of the elements of different apps into one program. Since the current chief executive stepped into her current position with Yahoo, she has consistently stressed Yahoo’s needs to overhaul their mobile strategies by hiring more specialized developers who are experienced in the field of mobile devices applications. The plan to do this has been jumpstarted by the acquisition of the smaller companies, such as Alike where new talent was blended with current Yahoo employees.

Investors have been told of the plan for quarterly employee goals in order to continue building upon the two percent revenue increase that Yahoo experienced in 2012 that ended the company’s three year slump. Yahoo’s new chief executive has a plan that looks great in theory; let’s just hope it works for this former internet giant.


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