YouTube Gaming Is Live

YouTube Gaming Is Live


YouTube Gaming has launched and is set to compete mainly with current live streaming site for gaming Twitch. The new standalone site was announced in early June prior to E3.

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Twitch has dominated live game streaming since the 2000s when Justin.TV was still active. Meanwhile YouTube just launched 60fps streaming this summer making it prime for live streaming fast moving action—such as gaming.

This isn’t YouTube’s first rodeo in gaming as the retro gaming, Let’s Play, and review communities have always existed on the service. In this decade content creators have been able to finally profit from their contributions to the community.

YouTube Gaming Is Live

This was always where the two services similarities ended. Twitch showed players enjoying the games live and engaging with their audiences on camera, live chat, and social media. YouTube’s gaming community mainly saw content creators produce series for audiences to enjoy while still engaging via comments and social media.

YouTube Gaming allows for a combination of both live streaming and pre-produced content. At the moment there are plenty of viewers and streams up and active.


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