YouTube Replaces Old Annotation System With Interactive Annotations

YouTube is moving away from the original annotation system on videos. The blocks of various colors with text in them are used for various reasons and tend to range between mild distraction to hideous eye sore depending on how generous the creator is.

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YouTube’s remedy to this pox on the viewing experience is an interactive annotation approach. The annotations focus on different categories depending on what you’d like to promote. There are annotations for selling wares, fundraising, showing users related videos or playlists, related websites, and fan appreciation.

YouTube Replaces Old Annotation System With Interactive Annotations

As with the old annotation system you can edit the content and place your interactive annotation card where you wish. While crafting your annotation the video’s timeline and such will appear below the video with your actual annotation work appearing next to the video.

YouTube Replaces Old Annotation System With Interactive Annotations

For content creators, it will allow for a more professional presentation of their content. For content creators and content consumers they will get content that is just as visually appealing—or unappealing—in addition to being able to navigate other elements presented without it being obstructed with say a red rectangle with white text in alternating caps.

Viewers also have to click on the information icon to view the annotations, but if they prefer not to see annotations at all then they can deactivate it in options.

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