YouTube Introduces “Music In This Video” Feature

YouTube Introduces "Music In This Video" Feature

YouTube recently made changes to its videos which will now allow for you to find an artist you may not know.

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While it seems like a minor addition, it is a very useful one. Viewers have come across videos in the past with music that simply sticks to you bit the artist or band isn’t listed in the description. If you’re wondering, yes this is definitely a “YouTube For Artists” feature.

The “Music in this Video” feature gives the credits as to who performs the song and who wrote it. With the videos containing music that can be credited to a musician or songwriter, you will find a “Show More” link that forwards you to that artist’s page or to the song if available.

YouTube Introduces "Music In This Video" Feature

The new feature makes use of the existing Content ID function which has been used to either close out many accounts or issue strikes for using copyrighted material. Perhaps this will allow for some leniency in that respect now that artists will, in fact, be credited.

That said, it remains to be seen what positive effect if any “Music in this Video” will have on content creators. While it will introduce some fan bases to new music or songs by new or familiar artists, it also allows for those same artists to find videos using tunes without their permission.

SOURCE: YouTube For Artists

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