YouTube TV Revealed

YouTube TV Revealed

Earlier this afternoon, streaming ecosystem YouTube introduced its streaming TV service. As speculated for months, the service will bring live cable and broadcast shows in addition to content available on YouTube. Think of it as competitor Sling and then some.

YouTube TV comes with the big four U.S networks of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC as well as a selection of 35 cable channels. If the selection off the bat seems thin that’s because it is. As will any service you can expect more to be added over time, but you’ll be missing most of the heavy hitters like Viacom’s family of networks, Time Warner channels, Discovery, HBO, and A&E’s family of networks.

So what are you getting? A handful of channels that are part of the big four networks’ networks, YouTube videos, and YouTube originals that are a part of YouTube Red. There’s no word on international channels, but it’s a possibility. It’s not a particularly heavy launch or an enticing one plus Sling is giving you more for $15 less, but YouTube TV’s $35 plan does give you six accounts and three active streams. Plus the $35 plan is for all channels whereas Sling’s full service is $40.

There are some bonuses with YouTube TV. You can save an unlimited number of shows to watch later via the cloud and you can breeze past ads. The main thing here for YouTube TV is a challenge it shares with late coming music streaming services: making up ground already picked up by services like Sling and getting those cable channels it doesn’t have as soon as possible to make the $35 price tag truly worth it.

Currently, there’s no launch date for YouTube TV. You can find out when the service is live here.

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