$10 Million Award For Catching Hafiz Saeed

United States announced a reward of $10 million to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the leader of Lashkar group, Hafiz Saeed, believed to be the mastermind of the bombings in Mumbai that left about 166 people killed in last year.

According to Indian media, the United States undersecretary of state Wendy Sherman told Indian Foreign Minister Ranjan Mathai that her country has decided to offer a reward of $10 million to those who help in the arrest of Saeed, during her first visit to India. Base on government sources, India’s position of this step was positive and very welcome thing.

It is noteworthy that Hafiz Saeed, the founder of “e-Taiba,” was on the list of wanted men in India several years ago and he was declared as a global terrorist in 2008, but moving freely in Pakistan, often assesses anti-India rallies. India has repeatedly called for his arrest but Pakistan has always demanded the evidence before the physical action to arrest him. Saeed now carries the same reward on his head as Taliban founder Mullah Omar – who the US holds responsible for 9/11 attacks.

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