35 Afghan Children Died From The Cold Weather in Two Days

35 children died within two days after diagnosed with pneumonia as the result of the cold weather in the mountains of northeastern Afghanistan, an official in the local administration said .

The government had announced a week ago this winter is the worst in recent 15 years led to the death of forty children in a month,  “35 children died as a result of pneumonia due to the extreme cold in the last two days ” Dr Noor Khurin one of the officials in the Ministry of Health of the state said . In four remote areas of the state of Badakhshan after the snow has led to cut the roads .

“We were able to just set up some mobile clinics to the emergency in order to help others,” Dr Noor Khurin added . On 19 February, the Ministry of Public Health announced that 40 children died during the month across the country as a result of the cold wave exceptional accompanied by snowfall, including 24 in refugee camps in Kabul are crammed into the thousands of Afghans fleeing violence and the threat of the Taliban and poverty in different states .

In spite of the aids value up to billions of Dollars that were sent to the country since the ouster of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world .

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