4 MPs Unqualified by the Guardian Council to Run for the Parliamentary Elections

The MPs Mohammad Ebrahim Nekounam (representative of Golpayegan), Haji Mohammad Movahed (representative of Behbahan) , Fatem-e Ajorlou (representative of Karaj) and deputy parliament speaker Shahabodin Sadr have been found unqualified by the Guardian Council to run for the parliamentary elections in Iran .

The decision of the Council of Guardians to Shahabodin Sadr, who is also a member of the Majlis Health Committee, to disqualify was a surprise on Sunday .

Even before it was reported that Sadr has not met the approval of the Council of Guardians to obtain, the United Front of Principlists not included in the list of candidates from 30 members in Tehran .

Sadr was appointed Secretary General of the front .

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