4000 Computer Viruses Targeting Iranian Users

4000 Computer Viruses Targeting Iranian Users

A few days ago several local news websites reported that more than 4000 computer viruses are targeting Iranian users. Ismail Radkani, director-general for management and technical support at the state Information Technology Company, made some comments on these reports.

“Currently we don’t have any exact number of the total active computer viruses in Iran’s virtual world. But sometimes the producers of anti-viruses and anti-malwares publish reports about the number of malwares. Base on this information we can estimate the approximate number of computer viruses in Iran. But if we increase our knowledge we can face with any number of threats.” Ismail Radkani said.

“We recommend all the Iranians to install those anti-viruses which support automatic update feature. This will increase their safety against any viruses and malwares.” Ismail Radkani added.

ESET NOD 32 and Kaspersky are the two most popular anti-viruses between Iranian users.

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