47.5% of Internet Users in Middle East Are Iranians

Mahdi Ghazanfari, the Iranian minister of Industries and Mines, announced 47.5% of Internet users in the Middle East region are Iranians.

“According to the international reports, the number of Internet users in Iran was only 250,000 in December 2000 but this number has been increased to 36,500,000 in December 2011 which shows a 145 times increase in this period of time. From the aspect of Internet users in Middle East region, I have to say more than 47.5% of Internet users in this region are Iranians. This proves the good infrastructures and ecommerce potential in Iran.” Mahdi Ghazanfari told reporters.

Minister didn’t mention which organization has claimed Iran has this number of Internet users. However in the current Internet in Iran many of the websites are blocked due to several reasons including publishing impure contents.

Iranian government is going to invent a local network and replace that Intranet with the current worldwide network.

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