Could EA Be Voted Worst Company In America For The Second Year Running?


The Consumerist is finishing up their another poll for the Worst Company in America and guess who’s back in the famous final four. That’s right, it’s EA again! Last year EA took the win—if you could call it that—in a poll that featured some 250,000 votes defeating Bank of America of all companies. That’s a pretty feat to accomplish. It’s a pretty big feat to be considered that awful of a company that you’re paired up again Bank of America in the finals. Last year EA took the Golden Poo award with 64% of the vote. Not only that, but EA managed to outlast BP, Comcast,

Some of the issues that brought EA to the dance were the very salty ending to Mass Effect 3, DRM, considering DRM where you’ll need a constant internet connection, being one of the main companies setting harmful pricing trends with paid downloadable content in addition to the standard pricing, and the nerve to have paid DLC and put out a game less than good in quality.

Sure “quality” is subjective some people probably thought Evergrace and Unlimited Saga were great games that should’ve been released at full price on PS2 during the console’s prime and there are games that get the highest of praise when it’s essentially the same title that came out last time, but when you get a lot customers telling your game is shoddy and the blasting outweighs the praise, it’s time to look at your franchise and see what’s up with it.

Getting back to the Worst Company in America, EA has done more of the same this year including a bungled SimCity out the box where the constant connection was concerned. There’s also the same issue of paying a significant for a title at $60 and having to pay more in DLC via micro-transactions. EA has tried to correct the SimCity issue by giving away free games and while they admitted the constant online thing may have been a bad idea with serve shutdown, they did nothing to fix it so that you could play offline and not online unless you wanted to.

COO Peter Moore went as far as to blame the fans—some of which bought $60 games and indulged this micro-transaction approach—for EA getting the award based on homophobia among other things….never mind being viewed as not particularly customer friendly to the point that some people believe they release incomplete games at full price for more cash in micro-transactions.

As it goes this year, EA could very well take it again. Sure there are companies that have done worse things this year, but that won’t halt gamers from giving EA the vote since EA is award that award exists. It would’ve been easy to ignore the Consumerist’s Worst Company in America award. EA has done positive things in the LGBT area in games that weren’t really as pronounced before in the industry—yes, games like Fable and Jade Empire allowed for the player’s character to have relationships with how they wished. As a matter of fact, it would’ve been best to highlight that and other positives than blaming the players.

If EA just had to acknowledge these the WCIA award, it would’ve been better to see what they’re doing that fans don’t care for. Note that EA is very aware of this based on a recent CNET interview with EA’s vice president of mobile and social studios, Nick Earl where he addressed the fans voicing disapproval of EA’s approach as the “vocal minority”.

So what do you think? Does EA deserve the Golden Poo for the second year in a row?

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