50 Thousand Students Scored Zero in The University Entrance Examinations in Turkey

According to the statistics announced on Friday, more than 50 thousands students scored zero Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS) in Turkey. 50,805 students marked all the questions incorrectly.

The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) has stated that 1,895,476 students applied to take the YGS exam this year. In 2010 only 14,000 students obtained zero. This marks an exact 362 .8 percent rise in the number of students who did not get any points.

Results were announced by the Higher Education Board (YÖK) this morning and as well as this year’s top-ranking student. Abdullah Coşkun from Konya province came in first among the close to 2 million students who took the test. Coşkun, who attends Büyükkoyuncu Science High School, answered all questions on this year’s YGS correctly.

This number has raised concerns over Turkish education system. “We can list the reasons behind poor results in the exam as following: The number of teachers is not adequate, the low amount of classroom time invested in each student by teachers due to excessive class sizes in Turkish schools and the inequality of opportunity between economic and socio-cultural groups in Turkey.” Turkish Education Personnel Union (Türk Eğitim-Sen) Chairman İsmail Koncuk mentioned to some of the reasons causes this failure.

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