9-Year-Old Girl Gets Raped in Mash’had

A 9 year old girl gets raped in Mash’had reportedly . Base on Iran Police statement the man who did the job is under prosecution .

Niloufar and her parents went to 20th Mash’had police station and reported the incident . Her parents said a man kidnapped the girl and raped her in deserts out of the city .

Niloufar who gets raped is scared of whats happened to her . “I was in home way after school got closed . A man driving a car stopped near to me and asked for an address . I guided him but he was confused .” She says .

“He asked me to join him and I sit in the car then he drived with fast speed . He carried me to the deserts near the city and then raped me . He left me near my school. ” She added .

Police asked for the specification of the man and his car .  Now he is under prosecution .

If police arrest the man and verify his crime , The court will sentence him to death according to the current rules .

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