A New Campaign Started For Killing Shahin Najafi

After releasing a new song named Naghi by the Iranian rapper, Shahin Najafi, which is called defamatory from Muslims, a new campaign has been started for killing this singer. In a decree issues by Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani, Najafi is dubbed Mortad and he is sentenced to be killed.

In a movement from Shias, a new fan page is created in Facebook titled “Census From Volunteers of Killing Shahin Najafi”. Currently more than 620 users hit the like button. “We ask from all the Muslims and Shias who love Imams to kill Shahin Najafi if they can reach him.”

Also the official website of Najafi hacked by Virtual Jihad group. This attack has been confirmed by Zone-h site.

Some of the Iranian opposition groups support this song by Najafi.

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