About Us

Kabir News is a dedicated news agency providing the latest news from all over the world. At KN we are trying to cover all the fields and bringing the latest and fresh news for our readers and subscribers.

“Kabir” is a Middle Eastern word. It means “Big”, “The Great” in several languages in this region including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Hindi and Punjabi.

Kabir News is pioneer in providing the latest Sports and General news from Iran and Arab countries and most of published stories never have been covered by any other online news agencies.

KN established on 2008 by a group of students in Tehran. At that time the group produced several bulletin. For a short period of time during 2009, the group was producing a weekly paper and those were printed in limited numbers and were sent to embassies located in Tehran. In 2009 by starting Iran’s presidential election group decided to move to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. That decision caused opening two offices in mentioned countries. In 2010 Kabir News relaunched the office in Tehran. In the middle of 2010 the main office opened in New York, United States. Currently Kabir News is producing local weekly papers publishing and distributing in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, all of them are in English. The official website of Kabir News started from 2012 with several online news writers from all over the world such as India, Iran, U.S, U.K, Azerbaijan and etc working in offices.

Now we are the number one reliable source covering the news stories in Middle East region however we also have presence in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and U.S. with established offices. Kabir News is currently headquartered in United States. Check the location of our offices from here . Please contact us in order to arrange a meeting.

Please note that we are independent news agency and at the being time we don’t have any affiliation with other news agencies. So only news stories published in this site are confirmed by this agency.

At Kabir News we always care about our visitors’ privacy. We have clear policy about this and you can check it here .

Other sites we own include the utility site to check IRCTC PNR Status at Indian railways.

Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us using this page. You may also find information regarding our writers and correspondents in our Staff page.