Accident Kills 7 People on The Road of Jeddah-Tabuk in Saudi Arabia

Seven people, five of them were members of one family, were killed in a collision between a car and a truck on the international road link between Jeddah and Tabuk at the center of the right (30 km west of the province of Badr).

The collision was so violent that charred bodies of the victims.

The tragic incident took place between the family car (from the Egyptian nationality), which was led by the father and with his wife and three of his sons and a trucks transporting goods.

Base on police announcement, the family car which was coming from Jeddah hit by truck from the back which led to the coup and burned on the spot and roasted bodies of five family members. After that the truck driver, a Sudanese nationality couldn’t control the balance of his vehicle resulting in the coup and was killed on the spot and injuring his accompanying Asian nationality later died after being transferred to a hospital in Badr city.

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