AFC U-16 Championship, Pre-Tournament Press Conference with Group B Team Head Coaches

AFC U-16 Championship, Pre-Tournament Press Conference with Group B Team Head Coaches

The pre-tournament press conference with Group B team head coaches held in Tehran. During this press conference coaches of Oman, Australia, Thailand and Iraq talked about the conditions of their sides. They also discussed their chances for qualifying for the next round of the tournament.

Pietran Der Host (head coach of Oman): “Our main goal is to claim the title to qualify for the next World Cup. We started our preparation stage in Netherlands and played with strong local clubs there. Then we continued our preparation in Arab Cup and we played with Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. After that we went to Japan and played with Japan and Mexico. For the last phase of preparation stage we went to Hungry.”

“Iraq has a quality team and they are strong same as Australia. I don’t have enough cognition from Thailand. At this moment the chance is 50-50 for every team. I hope we are one of the teams go to the next round.”

Alistair Edwards (head coach of Australia): “We have target the championship and we also want to qualify for the upcoming World Cup too. Playing good football versus strong Asian teams is another intention of our team. We had a long time preparation. Our team played in Laos’s tournament. We also experienced 3 weeks in Bolivia and played with South American teams. Recently we held a 4 days camp in Dubai. “

“I think every team has good quality in this tournament. We have recently played twice against Thailand and we won the second match toughly. If you see the results of these teams in the recent 6 months, you see they all have same quality.”

Leones Dos Santos (head coach of Thailand): “Our main goal in this tournament is playing very well. We had many troubles in picking up players. Schools didn’t let us to do the job easily. Our team joined the tournaments held in Japan and Laos. Two weeks ago we faced with Saudi Arabia in Kuala Lumpur. I hope our team play well against the strong opponents.”

“As the other head coaches, I think we have a tough group. But the AFC U-16 Championship has turned into professional tournament and head coaches analyze their opponents carefully. In the current stage, we are rearing players for our senior teams.”

Muwafaq (head coach of Iraq):”We are happy for joining this championship and competing along other Asian and Arab teams. We have a quality team and we are trying hard to finish the tournament with a good standing.”

“All the teams have same chance to qualify for the next round.”

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