Afghan Forces Unable to Take Security Responsibilities

Some of the Member of Parliament in Afghanistan believes Afghan security forces are not able to take security responsibilities and the third phase of transition will face major challenges.

The MPs also cited that the decision made yesterday by Afghan President Hamid Karzai to start the third phase of security transition should be revised because Afghan forces are still not fully trained and equipped and are not able to hold security without the help of another major military force.

Herati MP Saleh Mohammad Saljoqi believes that the conditions are not yet set for the Afghan forces to take the important responsibility of holding security. “We are still not ready for the start of third, fourth and fifth phases of transition because the situation is not ready for the Afghan Police and Army. They are not fully trained and equipped yet,” Mr Saljoqi said. “Afghan forces need many years to learn how to fight such incidents. It was a rapid decision. We hope we should have a break to get ready for the transition,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kunduz MP Fatemah Aziz believes that hasty security transition could deteriorate the situation in the country. “Even with the presence of foreign forces, our public figures are getting killed, we are in a situation that if the transition takes place, we will go towards insecurity,” she added.

Some other MPs believe that circles within the government are against peace and stability in the country as they according to the MPs helped the assassins run away after killing an important peace envoy in Kabul.

Military experts believe that security transition will not be successful if government fails to gain the trust of Afghan people.

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