Afghan Parliament Calls For Investigation Into Minister For Energy And Water

Afghanistan’s House of Representatives called for an investigation Saturday into the corruption-accused Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Ismail Khan.

The head of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption Azizullah Lodin named the Minister last week while speaking at Kabul University as the minister suspected of corrupt practices.

The Parliament have also summoned Lodin to give more information about the case after he accused the Parliament of knowing about the corruption when it gave Ismail Khan the vote of confidence to be made Minister.

“Ismail Khan is accused of $70 million embezzlement – the court must decide about this,” Kabul parliamentary representative Allah Gul Mujahid said Saturday. “Lodin should prove his claims.”

“Some corrupt ministers have been named, along with commanders and provincial governors who were also accused of corruption,” Khost province representative Mir Bat Khan said. “If it’s so, Mr Lodin should prove it.”

Kabul MP Obaidullah Kalimzai said that such issues taint the reputation of other parliamentary members if they are not followed up.

“It really defames the MPs when such accusations are not cleared,” he said.

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