Ahmad Lotfi withdrew His Lawsuit Against Cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraye

Ahmad Lotfi, the Member of Iranian Parliament, withdrew his lawsuit against Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraye. The cartoonist was sentenced to 25 lashes because of drawing the mentioned MP’s cartoon in the local court. The decision made by court raised a lot of objections against Iran’s judiciary system. Many campaigns started in Internet in order to condemn the lawsuit of Ahmad Lotfi and the decree issued by the court. In a statement, a dozen Iran-based websites has condemned Shokraye’s sentence and noted that drawing cartoons of politicians is common in Iran.

After receiving many criticizes from people and activists, Lotfi decided to withdraw his lawsuit by issuing a statement. “After I complain from this cartoonist to court, he was sentenced to receive 25 lashed. But at the moment I decided to cancel and withdraw my suit and I forgave this artist.”

Ahmad Lotfi has been elected as the MP from Arak province. He has been elected for the next round of parliament too.

Shokraye’s cartoon depicted Ashtiani in a football stadium, dressed as a footballer, with a congratulatory letter in one hand and his foot resting on the ball. In the cartoon, the MP’s forehead — as in reality — had a dark mark, said to be the sign of a pious Shia Muslim, supposedly caused by frequent prostration during prayer.

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