Alexa Can Be Your Android’s Main Personal Assistant

Alexa Can Be Your Android's Main Personal Assistant

If you’ve wanted to use Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant on your Android device, you’re in luck. On the other hand, it appears that it leaves a lot to be desired for a personal assistant. 

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Getting Alexa to work on your device is pretty simple. As with any personal assistant that doesn’t come with your device, you’ll have to download the app from the Play Store and go through setting it up, eventually setting Alexa as your default personal assistant—if you’d like to go that route. 

So, what can Alexa do at the moment? Not much it seems. It’s definitely no Google Assistant but I don’t think anyone was expecting Alexa to be a replacement as soon as it landed on the Play Store. No, this is something Amazon will have to work to make it a truly functional, mandatory app to pick up and not something simply to “have a presence” on Google’s marketplace. 

Personally, I see Amazon getting Alexa together over the year so that Alexa and Echo can be used across more devices. Prior to putting it on Android, you had to have an Amazon device to activate Alexa and while there are many in Amazon’s product lines, there’s really only Echo, Fire Stick, and Kindle Fire. There is no smartphone offering available since it was a wrap for the Fire Phone two years ago. 

So far, Alexa has only been shown to work on more recently released smartphones so it looks to be a mystery as to if it is even available on older devices. 

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