Ali Daei has Resigned as Rah Ahan Manager

Ali Daei has Resigned as Rah Ahan Manager

Ali Daei has resigned as Rah Ahan Football Club manager.

“I had a 2 year conditional contract with Rah Ahan and I had the right to cancel the contract with this club after ending the first season. Base on the current situation in Rah Ahan, I have decided to finish my cooperation with this club.” Ali Daei said. Rah Ahan experienced many problems including financial issues in the previous season.

Mohammad Hassan Ansarifard, the president of Rah Ahan FC, is shocked with the decision taken by Ali Daei. “Im really surprised with his decision. But I will try my hard to convince him to stay in Rah Ahan because we believe he is one of the best coaches in Iran as he had won 3 cups in the recent five years. Also he is completely familiar with the situations in Rah Ahan.” Ansarifard said.

“On Friday we had a 3 hour session with Ali Daei and the signs were good. We talked about many topics and asked him to give us his plans for the next season. However Daei told me his reason for leaving Rah Ahan but I will talk to him.” Mohammad Hassan Ansarifard added.

Ali Daei is currently linked to Persepolis’s post.

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