Ali Larijani Criticizes Fars News Agency

Ali Larijani Criticizes Fars News

Ali Larijani, Majlis Speaker, criticizes Fars News and Mehr News over their meddling in the election of Board of Governors in Majlis.

On a press conference a reporter asked a question regarding forming a unit fraction for conservative members in Majlis from Ali Larijani. Larijani didn’t answer this question asked by the reporter from Fars News Agency by saying: “I recommend you to publish reports in a right way. Fars News, Mehr News and some of the other official new agencies meddled in the process of the election of Board of Governors in Majlis.”

“You (correspondents) must be careful about your reports. You only have to report what you see. So don’t try to write anything which is wrong and imaginary.” Ali Larijani added.

Fars News Agency (FNA) is a news agency in Iran. While it describes itself as “Iran’s leading independent news agency”, news organizations such as CNN and Reuters describe it as a “semi-official” news agency with ties to the government. The Wall Street Journal has stated the agency is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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