Ali Motahari Criticized Iranian Communications Ministry Over Obligation of Using Local Mail Services

Ali Motahari, conservative Iranian politician and a member of parliament, criticized the recent statement issued by Ministry of Information and Communications Technology over using the local mail services established in Iran.

He believes this ministry is not entitled to block the foreigner email services as there are other councils which should govern the rules on this subject. He says its better if parliament ratify a new law over this subject.

“The recent statement by Ministry of Information and Communications Technology should be considered as a recommendation and not as a law because its not base on laws. Also I think its not that wisely to impose people to use the local mail services instead of foreigner services operated by international companies such as Google and Microsoft. According to laws, the ministry cannot prohibit people for using other mail services.” Ali Motahari said.

However the Ministry refused these criticizes and said they are eligible to make and apply new rules base on the current demands.

Ali Motahari is the son of Islamic scholar Morteza Motahari. He is representative of Tehran at Parliament of Iran.

He is learning History in Tehran university one of the most reputed universities in Tehran . Beside this , He has worked in Mash’had Times from 2006 until 2009 . He joined the team in middle 2010 . Phone number: +989356891256 , Email address: Ahmad (at)

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