Alireza Mahjoub Elected to Parliament From Tehran

Alireza Mahjoub, The Voice of Nation- House of Labor and Head of Iran’s House of Workers, elected to Iran’s parliament from Tehran.

Many labor activists congratulated the electing of Mahjoub as a member of parliament and appreciated people for their selection.

Alireza Heydari, one of the labor activists, said: “This was a perfect achievement for our labor society in Iran and I congratulate them. The presence of representatives from Iran’s House of Workers can empower the current condition of workers and labor in Iran. Iranian government didn’t even allow workers to hold demonstration in the international labor day so we need these individual candidates to be elected for the parliament. In this condition Mahjoub can help the workers to recover their position in the society. Workers parties must try to reach to more seats in the parliament in future.”

Ali Beigi, the other labor activist, said: “I congratulate Mahjoub for taking this seat and I hope his efforts will pay off for the Iranian workers. His presence in Majlis is very important in compare to the previous parliaments because we are experiencing especial conditions at the moment in the country.”

Hossein Sadeghi said: “The presence of Mahjoub will fuel the parliament fraction for the labors.”

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