AltusHost Got Hacked Due to Security Problems With WHMCS

AltusHost one of the most famous hosting provider got hacked today due to the security problems with their client managers WHMCS software .

Today AltusHost announced the major attack to their servers through WHMCS bugs . Recently many websites using this software got hacked and WHMCS company released a security patch . This will damage WHMCS reputation between webmasters and hosting providers .

According to the announcement hackers entered to management panel then they started removing accounts located on VPS master node as well as some shared hosting servers. After about 10 minutes , Staff noticed about the attack , So they turned off all the compromised servers in order to prevent more damages .

AltusHost said they will re-open their client area after 48 hours by moving from WHMCS to UberSmith .

They also offered their affected clients free 2 month hosting to keep them satisfied . , Their official website is currently offline .

AltusHost is in this business since 2008 and they serve thousands of clients from El Salvador , Bangladesh , Pakistan , Serbia and many more countries .

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  1. Jean Perry says:

    And I am one of them.. my is down for 25 hours. i am on VPS.. :(

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