Amazon Launches Streaming Anime Service

Amazon Launches Streaming Anime Service

Ever growing into different markets and sub-markets of said markets, Amazon is now launching its own anime subscription service.

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A part of Amazon Channels, Anime Strike costs $5 a month and you get a fairly adequate selection of anime to start. If you’re a hardcore anime fan you’ve either A. seen most of the series they have that you’re interested in, B. got a Crunchyroll account, or C. both. If you prefer old school anime—like yours truly—then the selection is even skimpier.

Basically what you’re getting here is a smaller version of what’s already available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Yahoo View and something more in line with what’s available on Crackle or Tubi TV.

Anime Strike comes with a few exclusives, if you’re curious. That and the price tag could be enough to get some subscribers on board as the other titles come in and will likely cater to potential subscribers who want all their stuff in one place.

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